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EcoEquity Financing

The business model for condo maintenance and large projects. Create efficiency in the for the building envelope so the model of financing and energy reduction pay for the cost of repairs. We have found in many of the multi level facilities this achievement is very applicable. If you are wanting to do a window project where the cost is high and the return could be 20 years. Addressing heating system and other avenues that we specialize in can reduce this cost return to as low as seven years. This leaves the condo fund full of reserve for future projects in future.

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Solar Thermal – For Hotels...

Installing a new Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating System in your hotel can be one of the greenest projects you can choose – both for greening our planet and greening your bank account.

The System:

The Harbour House Hotel on Salt Spring Island British Columbia is a great example of how cost effective Solar Thermal can be. Their new system included 270 individual evacuated solar tubes arranged in 9 separate arrays angled at 40 degrees from the horizon facing 6 degrees west of due south. This new system was designed to provide the hotel with hot water as well as some space heating on a 70-30 split.

The Numbers:
  • 100% Financed Solar Thermal Lease: $90,000
  • Monthly energy savings $1,100
  • Monthly maintenance savings $400
  • Total Monthly Savings $1,500
  • Monthly Green Lease Payments $1,466
  • Monthly Positive Cash Flow $34
  • CO2 Reductions 30 Tonnes a year

The above Green Lease example is based upon 100% financing with monthly payments calculated on a 10 year term. Energy savings were based upon actual results and should produce $300,000 in total energy savings and $125,000 in total maintenance savings over the 25 year estimated useful life of the system.

The Results:

It is important to remember that the Hotel will generate positive cash flows starting in year one of $408 per year and increase each and every year after that as fuel costs increase.

But, and here is the important part , after year 10 the Hotel will have FREE hot water and FREE space heating for the next 15 years.

All accomplished without having to invest one penny as 100% of the cost of this new green system was financed by ecoEquity and the monthly lease payments were financed through the energy savings realized by installing this new energy efficient system.

Remarkable – Sustainable – and with ecoEquity Achievable.

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